Many people are unaware that we treat many children within our clinic for a variety of issues. We treat children who range from a few days old all the way up to their late adolescence.

As our bodies grow and develop there are many situations that may cause issues. These can begin in-utero, during the birthing process, with bumps and falls as they begin to walk or developmental/postural changes as they go through growth spurts. Parents often consult us for concerns around plagiocephally/misshapen head, movement/postural asymmetries, torticollis, unsettledness, feeding difficulties, delayed milestones, balance issues, sensory issues, walking asymmetries (toeing in/out), high guard arm position/reduced arm swing, irritability, injuries and pain.  To ensure your child is developing at the correct rate with no physical issues a check-up from time to time with Dubbo Chiropractor, Dr Edin Hoogesteger can be extremely beneficial.