Facet joints are the most common cause of neck and mid back pain and the second most common cause of low back pain after discs. The pain is often of a sharp and sudden onset and cause marked 'catching', restriction in movement - this could relate to a acute neck, mid back, shoulder blade area or low back region. Often the first time a person experiences the problems that a facet joint lesion can cause is when they wake with an acute rye neck or torticollis. If unresolved facet joint lesions can contribute to the development of chronic pain and dysfunction and in the elderly are the most common structures to become arthritic and cause pain. Facet joint arthritis contributes to spine canal narrowing/stenosis in the older population which is often experienced as chronic low back pain, pain and tiredness in the legs after a certain walking distance which is rapidly yet temporarily relieved with sitting down or leaning forwards.

Manipulation is generally considered the most effective form of treatment for facet joint lesions as it restores normal joint function. Dubbo Chiropractor Dr Edin Hoogesteger is an expert in spine manipulation and will also explore other approaches including specific exercises and provide advice on how to best manage facet joint related problems.