Dubbo Chiropractor, Dr Hoogesteger is proficient in many techniques and uses a combination in most treatment sessions. These techniques vary from low-force/gentle options like Activator/Impulse to hands on spine and extremity manipulation, remedial massage, cranial therapy, McKenzie therapy, core-stability exercise therapy and functional neurology based therapy. The key to getting the most from a technique is knowing when to use them which is determined by an accurate diagnosis and an appreciation of what the patient tolerates best.

Spine manipulation (Diversified and Gonstead) is most useful for painful spine joints (also know as facet joints), muscular knots and assisting disk injuries in teenagers and adults. Hands on low-force 'no joint cracking', cranial techniques and Activator/Impulseinstrument adjusting are often used with children and babies.

Massage and soft tissue techniques are a component of most treatments.

McKenzie therapy is a physiotherapy based technique most useful in managing disc injuries (also know as disc prolapses, disc protrusions, disc herniation's and slipped-discs).

Core-stability neuro-muscular rehabiliation training is most often used to maintain treatment gains and prevent re-injury and represents the part of treatment where the patient becomes most active in the healing process. This coupled with exploring the lifestyle, nutritional , postural and dysfunctional movement patterns that originally contributed to the problem are the discussed in treatment sessions.

At the basis of this approach is a sound understanding how the neurological and orthopaedic systems work together. As Dr Hoogesteger says, ' The brain is embodied in the body. Our brain is a sensory BUILT and sensory MAINTAINED system.'

This broad understanding what sets Dr Hoogesteger's service a part.